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no-one has to die. OST!

2013-05-11 20:23:22 by StuStuTheBloo

I've gotten about half a bajillion requests for links to the OST of no-one has to die., composed by Jesse Valentine, so now here it is! Including a bonus track that I didn't end up using, too!

Listen to the no-one has to die. OST here!


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2013-05-12 04:55:10

that game was awesome


2013-05-12 09:54:14

Many thank for OST to you and F-777. No manual rip can download bonus track.


2013-05-14 12:04:37

Both of you did a great job.


2013-05-19 00:05:51

Stop for a minute.
Story is incomplete.
Nobody knows if she saved her mother, or even if her mother was a volunteer in that experiment whom cost her life!
Nobody knows if she'll ever meet Steve again.

Yet, I think the game is open for a 2. Due to the lack of final answers. There are some open questions I could list if you wanted to, such as the fact they never meet in person when their paths converge, and yet there is no explanation to it.


2013-05-30 07:46:04

Is there a sequel?


2013-07-13 02:13:24

you need to made a sequel.i will wait until i die


2013-08-31 01:49:30

You need to make more games, man. Both No-one has to die and Stranger than Fiction were great.


2014-05-10 04:25:11

You do have a talent for writing story-driven text adventure games at such a young age, please keep it up! :)


2014-09-29 17:35:32

StuStu, can you make a 2nd continuation of "No-one has to die."? The game is really fun to me. Maybe continue it with Christina finally meeting her mother, but they try to return and keep running into problems getting back to others?


2015-09-24 10:08:39

Is there a sequel? The story is incomplete yet to me, maybe the rest too!


2016-09-16 20:34:48

It's been 3 years, dude, are you still alive? Everyone is dying for a sequel! Be the hero we deserve!